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Welcome to

Keylo Locksmith


Choosing the right locksmith can raise many questions. At Keylo Locksmith, we strive to answer those questions and provide our clients with the best possible locksmith service. Since we were founded in 1969, we’ve been delivering professional locksmith solutions to our communities. We currently make home service calls to Redwood City, San Carlos and Woodside. Whether you just need a new key made or need to repair a banking vault, Keylo Locksmith is the place to call.

With several years of experience in the locksmith field, we strive to offer all the latest locksmith services to our clients. We want our clients to be satisfied with our service, and feel safe as well. We provide locksmith equipment, supplies, safes, vaults, bank equipment, safe opening services, vault repair and more. Keylo Locksmith is a fully licensed locksmith.

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